Still Fishing – Trailer

Thirty-five fishermen did not return home on June 19th 1959. The Escuminac disaster is one of the worst fishing disasters in Canadian history. This documentary traces back to the disaster through the eyes of three of the surviving fishermen, two of which are still fishing to this day.

P0cK3t NELLZ – Official Trailer

P0cK3t NELLZ is a short documentary that was produced in 2008 for a school project. Online poker players gamble millions of dollars every day from the confines of their own homes. This documentary dives into the wild life of an online poker player who takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion without having the leave the house.

P0cK3t NELLZ – Teaser

Lobster Fishing

Opening day of lobster fishing at Escuminac Wharf in New Brunswick, Canada. Documentary about Escuminac Wharf and the storm of 1959 coming soon.